Hello my name is Chris owner of Island View Woodworks. I want to thank you for taking a moment in considering my company while browsing this website.

Island View Woodworks is not a mass production, press-board type of company. I take pride in our traditional hand-crafted custom wood working approach  in every piece of every project we build from  fine interior carpentry, wood trim, crownmolding and cabinetry to that one of a kind piece of furniture that you always dreamed of  but could never fine.

Carpentry and wood working has always been a true passion of mine, for 35 years it had been an endless progression of true craftsmanship. Each woodworking project begins with us working with you to spec out the fine details for your project.

After the project design is finalized,  all wood is personally hand picked by me with consideration to wood grain symmetry and how it fits into each part of the piece as if the tree was grown for your project.  I use traditional joinery which has always been known to withstand the test of time!